About Me



Like you, personal development leader and best-selling author Meiyoko Taylor has seen the word success defined numerous ways over the years. Is it money and big houses? Expensive cars and VIP accommodations? Is it media attention or the sound of thousands of people chanting your name in admiration? Is it meant only for the chosen few who rise to the top? Or, is there a different story?

With over a decade of success coaching, speaking, and most importantly, genuine, in-the-trenches business & life experience, his view is radically different. Meiyoko passionately shares with his listeners that success and leadership begins from the inside out. It is not about title, tenure or position. The opportunity for breakthrough success in every area is for everyone, every day. It’s how we should all live our life. However, everybody’s version of success is not the same.

Taylor, sometimes referred to as the “Dream Builder” for his ability to re-connect people to their passion and life-long goals or as the “kick-in-the-butt coach” for his coaching skill that brings out the best in people, through a practical, street-savvy style. Meiyoko fusion of real-life stories, and his conversational techniques connects his audience to an intimate, intense and individual level of self-discovery.

He is a Certified Master Life & Emotional Mastery Coach, NLP Practioner, and continues to work with the best and brightest in the leadership development field. The author of the best-selling book Find Your AMAZING!: 5 Steps To Transforming Your Life, Taylor’s action-based focus and down to earth conversational style of coaching has drawn support from people around the globe.
Over the past 15 years, he has worked with corporate professionals, CEOs, entertainers, public figures, industry leaders, students, and entrepreneurs guiding them toward self-improvement.

His successes include being featured on numerous television, radio shows, and podcasts. Some of these include the Ed Tyll show, The Ambitious Entrepreneur, the award-winning Mind Aware show, and the award-wining Dare to Dream radio show.

Prior to his leadership efforts and success in the self-help industry, Meiyoko, an entrepreneur by education and passion, created, managed, and ran a successful business in the financial services industry. As an advocate for entrepreneurship and empowerment, Taylor is regularly active in the nurturing the business leaders of tomorrow. He regularly volunteers his service for youth business education programs and serves on the board of a non-profit geared toward the development of up-coming businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals in various industries.